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CERT background

Nationally founded in 1985 by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department, CERT groups throughout the USA are now under the FEMA/Homeland Security and Citizens Corp umbrella. Fairfield Harbour CERT has been operating since 2005 and is a 501c3 non-profit organization under the Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department’s leadership.

FH CERT Mission Statement

“Do the most good for the most people.”

Who we are

Trained volunteers of all ages and various skills who are organized to help others until emergency personnel arrive.  People helping people.

What we do

Support first responders after a disaster by aiding victims, providing damage assessment, doing light search and rescue, as well as handling crowd and traffic control.  In addition, we also provide safety education and hazard mitigation to the community.

When we meet

Monthly meetings are held at 7 pm, the 4th Thursday of January through October in the Activity Center.  Training and education is ongoing at each meeting with mock disaster drills conducted throughout the year.